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Happily Disability Dating Workshops

Since launching last year Happily has gone from strength to strength and we have recently been awarded £2,000 to run free relationship workshops for vulnerable adults in the Tottenham community.

Our Happily Talking Sex & Relationships project took place at the Tottenham Town Hall in August and we ran four weekly workshops exploring topics such as relationships, abuse, respect for each other’s bodies, consent and safe sex.

I feel this work is so important for the people we support, as they can often be socially isolated, with little opportunity to learn about relationships and develop social skills. The aim of the project was to make sure attendees felt more confident talking about sex and relationships as well as being able to keep themselves and each other safe.

Over thirty people came to these workshops and it was fantastic to see members from local learning disability charities like HAIL and Kith & Kids taking part. The project proved to be very popular with one local resident saying: “The workshops are very interesting and I get to meet new friends at the same time. I feel safe and comfortable in the group because it is private.” Tasmin, 29.

The project has been made possible by a £2,000 grant from People’s Postcode Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Our ambition is to secure further funding which would help Happily friendship and dating agency to continue to run in the future and allow us to offer more free workshops to the people who need them most.

Following the workshops, we did a survey with members who attended three or more of the sessions to see how successful the project had been. When asked, 86% or participants said they had a better understanding of different types of relationships. 79% of people said they now felt more confident talking about sex. The same percentage of people said they felt more aware about how to keep themselves safe and how to recognise abuse. These statistics show that the attendees benefited from the workshops and we successfully achieved what our project set out to do.

Happily wants to continue to continue to work collaboratively with local organisations, charities and the borough to make sure we are supporting people effectively.

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